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Case Studies

Case Study 1

A Recruitment company based in Central London asked us to provide an I.T. system that would fit in well with their rapid expansion plans but not cost the earth during their start-up phase. Computors came up with a system where additional servers could be slotted in to the system as and when required. Their initial system was a single server running ‘Small Business Server 2003’ which gave then all the benefits of a Small Business Server such as:
  • Secure User Log-in system
  • Roaming Profiles
  • Automated data backup system
  • Microsoft Exchange e-mail system
  • Centralised data store
  • Remote Desktop
  • Outlook Web Access (Remote e-mail)

As their business expanded, we migrated the system across multiple servers, utilising Microsoft Server 2008, Exchange Server 2007 & Terminal Server 2008 that actually provided I.T. systems for two companies within the same organisation all under one roof. The customer now has a fully featured system with built-in redundancy and an excellent remote access system to allow selected employees to work from home.

Case Study 2

A Security Company based in the north of England required a completely new I.T. system as part of their relocation to a secure new purpose-built facility. The new I.T. system had to pass a top level security audit & penetration test from QinetiQ.

Our solution provided them with a dedicated server rack system comprising of Microsoft Small Business Server Premium, Microsoft ISA Server, and Microsoft Terminal Server. ISA Server is a powerful firewall that is at the heart of the secure system and enabled the system to pass all security and penetration tests conducted.

The company has gone from strength to strength in the last couple of years and we have now helped with the installation of a Blackberry Server, design of an I.T. Security Policy and Contingency Planning to assist them in gaining ISO 27001 accreditation.

Case Study 3

A Hedge Fund Management company in the south of England required a reliable and fast new I.T. system with which to run their business from. They required quad screen systems and the ability to swap their system very quickly in the event of a building or communications failure (contingency planning).

Our system comprised of two servers. The primary server was in use every day and the second server was available at another location to bring online as and when required. The second server can be restored from a backup image of the primary server within a few hours. This is not as seamless as clustered servers (a service we can provide utilising Windows Server 2008 Enterprise) but provides a cost effective alternative to more expensive clustering of servers.

We have recently started a replacement program for their oldest P.C’s with the very latest Intel i7 processor systems, running 6Gb of DDR3 memory and dual NVidia GTS250 graphics adapters, running Windows 7 Professional and the customer is delighted with the performance, functionality and reliability of these systems.

The customers systems are protected with F-Secure Business Antivirus and E-mail systems with the UK’s leading Anti-Spam protection system from MessageLabs.

Case Study 4

A Computer Aided Design Company in the Midlands requires a common data store for its customers and suppliers which to share information between select groups. We setup a secure, permission bases WebDrive system that allows multiple users access to the storage area.
The complete system is controlled by Microsoft Active Directory and has 128bit SSL encryption and has been working well for over a year now with further expansion now planned due to its success.

Computors Ltd now supply this company with dedicated CAD workstations, utilising the NVidia Quadro range of CAD Graphics Cards, latest Intel™ Quad Core i7™ processors and have installed and maintain a Windows 2008 Small Business Server.

Case Study 5

A Software Development Company in Stafford required our professional I.T. consultation. Specialising in bespoke parking solutions, a major aspect of their business is to develop software for handhelds, predominantly on the Windows Mobile platform. Their bespoke software had multiple hardware requirements, along with an unclear perspective of future hardware which needed to be considered as well.

With numerous deployments planned, it was critical that the right decision was made at the beginning. A full consultation took place, including demonstrable tests using our recommendations, and a hardware roadmap for them to synchronise their software and hardware upgrades, giving them a big competitive edge.

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