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Computer Systems and Software

We supply businesses computer systems to customers throughout Wolverhampton, the West Midlands and the whole of the UK. It's not just about the range of products we have available it's about the advice you receive in choosing the right product and the support you enjoy after you have purchased it. Choosing the right hardware and software can not only help your business run smoother and faster it can save you money.

Perhaps you just need a printer? A4, A3, A1+? Do you need an All-In-One device? Does it need to be able to send and receive faxes? Do you need an auto-sheet-feeder or duplexer? Are you interested in ePrinting from your iPhone or Android Mobile? What quality, speed and print capacity do you need? Inkjet or Laser? Have you considered the cost of the consumables? We saved a company in Birmingham over £600 per year on ink cartridges last year by helping them to select the right printers for their exact requirements.

We also offer a wide range of computer repairs; computer maintenance and upgrade services. Sometimes an old computer can be brought back to life with a re-install and memory upgrade. Your I.T systems may require some TLC with some long overdue maintenance to help system reliability and performance. It may be that your laptop is just too slow or your wireless is never availableÖ we can help!
With a huge range of I.T suppliers available, why choose us for your I.T equipment?

  • You get our expertise in choosing the right equipment for the job. We will give you free, honest and knowledgeable advice on the best solution for you and your business. From smartphones, tablets and laptops to business computers, all-in-one devices and CAD workstations, we can help.
  • Any I.T equipment purchased from us will be setup ready for your system, not just dropped off in a cardboard box for you to do the rest! If you want business laptops, they will be installed and configured on your network. Email accounts can be setup, wireless connections configured, internet access and applications such as Sage integration all setup ready to go.
  • Our support is second to none. Purchase the new 'Microsoft Surface' from a retail store and you will get a Microsoft Surface Tablet running Windows 8ô. You have to set it up and configure it for email, contacts, internet access, etc. What happens if your email suddenly stops working or you contacts disappear? Most retail shops wonít help unless itís a fault with the device itself. We go that one step further and help where others donít with a full installation and support service.
  • With support as good as that, our prices must be at a premium? Try us, we supply a huge range of products from many different manufacturers and we can often save you money by ensuring you go for the product thatís right for you. We wonít sell you a high specification laptop if a standard specification laptop is right for you. We wonít sell you a CAD specification P.C if you just need it to run Office, Sage and access the internet.
  • We advise many businesses on software and the right package for your business. We recently helped a charity save over £1200.00 on Microsoft Office 2012 by selecting the right package for them. We also help business with accounts packages such as Sage 50. Do you really need Adobe Acrobat Professional or will Standard work just as well for you? We have worked with thousands of software packages and have the experience to help you choose yours!
  • We have realised even bigger savings in advising customers on Cloud based software solutions. Cloud computing isnít ideal for every business, but selected companies who meet the right criteria can save thousands of pounds a year with cloud computing solutions such as Hosted Exchange 2010ô & Microsoft SharePoint Servicesô. Not forgetting packages from Google, server Virtualisation and the growing number of software companies offering hosted systems.

If any of these suggestion, ideas and solutions may help you or your business or if you want a no obligation chat about your existing system or any new requirements, please donít hesitate to contact us.
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