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Security and Protection

Computors Ltd are now registered partners for MessageLabs™ - Industry-leading messaging and web security solutions. Partnering with Symantec MessageLabs™ has given us the ability to supply & support world class anti-spam systems, email encryption & email continuity services.

F-Secure are a global leader in providing security as a service through operators. This enables us to provide exceptional security and protection systems for over 95% of our business customers at unbeatable prices.

Selected customers require an extra level of security to meet strict ISO requirements and we install and support Microsoft Forefront Server™ (formerly ISA Server) to provide a further level of security. We also assist clients in producing and updating I.T security policies, and implementing user monitoring software.
Protecting your business is more important today than ever before. It keeps your company out of the headlines and your brand safe. I.T security helps your company comply with the large array of regulations. It safeguards your employees and customers.

All businesses have data. Some of that data is almost always sensitive; customer and employee information is one example. Unfortunately, but realistically, data is under attack from the moment it is collected until it is ultimately discarded. Wherever sensitive data is to be stored, it needs to be protected.

Protecting data across any business is not a simple exercise. Difficult choices must be made and priorities are not always clear. One thing however is clear; there is no instant solution when it comes to protecting your data and your business.

An enterprise data security solution must protect your data. It must cover the databases and operating systems found within a modern business environment. The ability to report on security events must be an integral part of the solution. And, perhaps most importantly, data security needs to be managed.
We can provide the four main services required to ensure your data, employees, and customers and ultimately businesses are protected:

  • Advice – Impartial help and advice on what you need to do to manage and eliminate any I.T Security issues your business may have. This can include protecting local data, protecting and monitoring employees, ensuring data accessed off-site is secure and protected, making sure regulations and standards are adhered to and providing security procedures and documentation.
  • Planning – Working with you to put together an I.T Security and Protection plan, together with implementation schedules, standards adhered to and targets met.
  • Implementation – Ensuring any work required is carried out efficiently and with the minimum of disruption to your business. Ensuring everyone is informed of new working procedures, read I.T security policy’s etc.
  • Testing & Reviewing –Often overlooked. We ensure procedures are understood and followed. Reviewing what’s been implemented and how well it went are crucial to keeping new systems and procedures running smoothly.

If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of I.T security or protection of your systems, employees and data, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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