Cloud Backups

What are they? Do I need them? How do they work? Are they secure?

Cloud backups provide an automated backup of all your business data, usually at night when your Internet connection and server are running at low capacity. Our Cloud backup service encrypts all data (256Bit encryption) and uploads it to one of our secure backup servers.

The main advantages of Cloud backup system are that there are no disks or tapes to swap every day. Swapping disks or tapes also means you need to ensure your data is either stored off-site or in a suitable fireproof safe.

At least one backup media should be stored off-site to ensure that in the event of a fire, flood or theft you still have a copy of your data available. The problem with taking your data off-site is that you could lose it or have it stolen. As a minimum, you need to ensure that your data is encrypted so if does fall into the wrong hands, it still can’t be accessed.

Most of our customers swap to a cloud backup system because it’s much easier. Once configured, you just receive a daily email letting you know if your backup was successful. In the rare event it flags-up an issue, we also receive the email and will investigate and rectify it for you as part of your service.

Our Cloud backup systems are specifically designed for business server systems running a Windows or Linux based operating system. All our backup servers are owned and managed by us – We don’t use subcontractors. We utilise two UK based datacentres to house all our servers. Both data centres have robust security systems, fire detection & suppression systems and primary and secondary power and data systems as standard.

Cloud Backups are not a necessity as long as you have a robust, sustainable & monitored data backup system in place. If you’re tired of swapping disks or tapes, regularly forget to swap them, don’t have an off-site solution or don’t monitor your backups then this might just be the right solution for you!

For more information together with costs please visit our Cloud Backup section.

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