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Future Parking

Taking a futuristic approach in parking

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Website Style & Structure

Future Parking supply hi-tech ANPR cameras and do bespoke ANPR packages. They work alongside market leaders to offer uniquely designed Pay Stations that work together with the latest ANPR technology.

It’s a new company and their logo was created in partnership with the company’s manager, who presented the first logo version and we worked together to polish his idea and prepare a few high-quality versions of the logo. The website design was created with the modern style in mind, using bold blue colours and thin line, full-width images custom icons for each product/service and different animations to present the content in a smooth and easy to read manner.

Services Chosen

Responsive Website Design

The layout of the website and all the elements are dynamically changing their position and size based on the display dimensions and capabilities of the device, from three or two to one column.

Structured Content

The website is structured in content boxes that are delimited using bold titles on top of images, different typography style and background colours. Concise and well-structured content makes the information easy to find and read.

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