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Risk Management in the Construction Industry

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Fewer Risks,
Greater Rewards

Literature reviews to date show that were are no simplified risk management frameworks available that are affordable by SMEs. The challenge to be addressed by this project was therefore to develop a cost-effective, user-friendly risk management system which evaluates, monitors and reviews both imminent and impending risks with a view to completely eliminate or significantly minimize their impact.

Services Chosen

A European Collaboration

The project was funded by EU and involved three member states focusing on collaboration, knowledge sharing and skills advancement. Computors worked with researchers in the Czech Republic and an SME in Italy to develop and test a prototype of the risk assessment software as part of the project.

EU member states
Innovation Award

RiMaCon Project was built with:

Developing a prototype

Using an innovative data model for risk assessment, RiMaCon is the first prototype to allow a user to input industry parameters for risk and get objective outputs for a project.

The proof of concept could simplify and streamline the risk assessment process for thousands of construction SMEs across Europe.

A Simple & Intuitive
Responsive Interface

Design and development will respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Project Partners

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RiMaCon Award 2017

… and the winner is


The project was shortlisted in the Innovation Category and the awards ceremony took place at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham on Friday 28th April 2017.

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