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Water Science & Technology Group

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WatStech provides services to evaluate, independently, water and wastewater treatment processes and technologies.

The company brand and website needed a fresh look to express the updates the company went through. One of their main struggles was that their old website looked outdated and was a static one and it was very difficult to update it.

We refreshed their logo while retained the brand’s core look and offered a brand new bespoke design with modern design elements and a refreshing look and feel.

Services Chosen

Responsive Website Design

The layout of the website and all the elements are dynamically changing their position and size based on the display dimensions and capabilities of the device, from three or two to one column.

Structured Content

The website is structured in content boxes that are delimited using bold titles with a semi-transparent background on top of images, different typography style and background colours. Concise and well-structured content makes the information easy to find and read.

Branding Pack

The logo style was simplified and the small text, the tagline was removed because it was too small to be readable. After a few options, we found the best symbol for the middle drop – it represents the shape of a curved river.


RGB Colours
Light Blue: #97CEEF

Green: #138743
Navy: #064556

CMYK Colours
Light Blue: 38 6 0 0

Green: 86 23 99 9
Navy: 95 63 48 35

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