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The new Wolverhampton Labour Group website was focussed on the local community that consists of a wide age range, diverse backgrounds and needs to engage them and lead to different types of useful information.

The website was built as an information gateway, where the local people can find all the relevant news, quickly find their councillor using the interactive map and contact them.

Services Chosen

Homepage Look & Feel

On the homepage, the top slider displays the main news and it’s followed by an welcome message and the most relevant links that have custom iconography to visually help visitors find what they are looking for.

Structured Content

The website is structured in content boxes that are delimited using red bold titles, a mix of fonts using different weights and thin lines. Concise and well-structured content makes the information easy to find and read.

A Responsive Website

The layout changes based on the size and capabilities of the device.

The content is dynamically changing from three or two to one column depending on the device position and size.

“Computors have provided an excellent and professional service to the Wolverhampton Labour Group for a number of years.
They worked closely with us to give our site a totally new look which we are really pleased with and the technical support on offer is 1st class. I also found the one to one training in terms of content management really beneficial.”

Rafiquel Islam - Political Assistant, Wolverhampton Labour Group

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