Shopify Business Fundamentals Certification

We have tested and proved our knowledge of sales, marketing, project management, and pricing by earning the Shopify Business Fundamentals certification. It is a solid foundation that enables us to build even more and better shops.

The Business Fundamentals courses are focused on learning the fundamental aspects of business in order to succeed as a Shopify Partner and expand our knowledge. This course covered Partner Program Fundamentals which also encloses Sales and Marketing, Project Management and Pricing strategies. It supports our existing clients but also provides benefits regarding how we can impact our offering to have a positive outcome on all our projects.

We have developed our technical and business expertise while expanding growth opportunities and building exceptional commerce experiences.

Project management, pricing strategies and business communications. Mistakes in these fields cost your business a lot of money if done incorrectly.

Business Fundamentals Badge

We are better equipped than ever to help you and ensure that you and
your business are going to succeed!

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