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ADSL, FTTC & Leased Lines

Over 80% of our business customers have their ADSL, FTTC or Leased Lines through Computors Ltd. One of the biggest advantages is that all their services and system are in one place. If they have an issue with their internet, network, PC or Printer, it’s just one company to contact.

If BT says ‘No’ and your internet is just ‘Too Slow’ Get in touch! Fast or Ultra-fast internet connectivity is more affordable than ever.

We recently installed a dedicated 50/100 (50mbps on a 100mbps bearer) Leased Fibre Line for a customer with no installation costs and £260.00 Ex. VAT / Month (3 Year Term – Prices can vary based on your location).

If previous ideas just haven’t been viable, let us know, we may be able to help!

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