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Our Process

Beautiful design meets powerful development.
A professional web design solution that your business deserves.

With over 10 years of experience designing websites and engaging with a range of clients, we are equipped with the knowledge and experience to identify and deliver the right website solution for your business.

All of our websites are built upon a content management system, backed with our support and guidance, we will help you manage your website and bring it to its full potential for your business.

Professional websites must offer more than basic information and contact details. In a world where everybody has some kind of online presence, businesses who want to stand out must offer their visitors a rich and engaging website. We understand the key to delivering this is to fully understand your business, the role the website is to play and how to best achieve its potential.


It starts with an idea

Our first step is always the same, to meet over a coffee (or two!) and discuss your idea for your website and to listen to your requirements, expectations and ambitions. We feel we can deliver the best result when we’re able to have that fundamental insight and use this as the overall ethos of the project. Sometimes it’s a simple brief, other times it’s more complicated but whatever the challenge may be, we have the experience and skill set to craft the professional website design solution you’ve been looking for.


Our proposal to you

After gaining an understanding of what you want from your website, we go back and create a tailor-made proposal for you. It contains a detailed specification from us.

This proposal document serves as our written partnership for the website. What we will need from you, and what we will deliver to you. This ensures that from the very start, you know exactly where you stand.


Crafting a pixel perfect design

Our dedicated designer, Victoria, is passionate about producing designs that don’t simply look nice, but that they connect and engage and make the function and form of the website effortless and a joy to use.

If you agree to our proposal document, we officially commence work in the form of a set of design proofs of how we envisage your finished website will look. These proofs typically demonstrate key pages of the website, so you will no longer need to imagine how the website will work, you will be able to see it.

The other aim of these proofs is to give you an opportunity to check our vision matches yours and we are able to proceed with the next phase without any ambiguity over what you’re going to get. Unlike some agencies where the finished product is revealed at the end, and there’s a clear gamble on if it really is what you wanted, our approach ensures you’re able to review what we’re about to build and tweak it if necessary before we start creating it.


Developing the prototype

Once the design is approved, we get to work actually building the website in a test environment. This prototype version takes shape over several weeks, and during the development, you’ll be invited to review and test out the features ensuring you’re happy with everything.


Going live

Once everything is finished and ready, we launch the website onto its live environment, making it accessible to the outside world.

Want a beautiful & powerful website?