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Magento1 > Magento2

Do you have a Magento1 store? Support for Magento1 ends in June 2020. Magento2 is the next generation of the Magento platform.

Why upgrade to Magento2?

1. Security.

The Magento team has officially reported that support for version 1 expires on June 2020. This means beyond this time Magento1 will no longer receive official updates and patches. Magento1 stores will continue to function but will steadily become out of date and vulnerable to potential security flaws.

2. Improved Code.

Magento2 is built on the latest web technology. PHP7, SASS compilation and Varnish caching. Magento2 is quicker, smarter and more robust.

3. More Potential.

As Magento1 winds down, new integrations, trends and opportunities will be available on the Magento2 platform only. Magento1 compatibility will be steadily phased out.

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